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The Ultimate Contrast Enhancing Lens


Exclusively from X-Cel Aris™ Autumn Gold™ sun lenses enhance clarity and contrast while automatically adjusting to whatever light conditions the day may bring. Featuring a contrast-enhancing yellow lens with blue blocking properties, Autumn Gold™ changes to a rich brown lens in bright light conditions. And they block 100% of harmful UV rays.


Premium Features
  • Made of Trivex® material or Glass
  • Reduces glare and haze
  • Enhances contrast
  • Improves visual acuity in low light
Preferred by Outdoors Enthusiasts
  • Target and skeet shooters
  • Archers
  • Hunters
  • Golfers
  • Motorcyclists


Without Autumn Gold™
With Autumn Gold™


Premium Features


Autumn Gold™ lenses offer the ultimate in comfortable outdoor. The lenses are photochromic, they automatically change (darken and lighten by degree, depending on exposure to sunlight). When fully darkened they are an excellent sunglass with a pleasing brown tint. When fully lightened they have a medium golden or yellow tint.

Faded Autumn Gold™
Darkend Autumn Gold™



Autumn Gold™ lenses provide the unique feature of contrast enhancement, which makes fuzzy images look crisp and clear in cloudy, foggy or very bright environments. They absorb potentially harmful ultra violet rays and are excellent blue light blockers.


Preferred Outdoors


Professional outdoor sports enthusiasts and outdoor workers prefer Autumn Gold™ lenses because they improve visual acuity and help reduce eyestrain and fatigue. Autumn Gold™ lenses are specifically recommended for target and skeet shooters, archers, hunters, and skiers.


Pilot finds benefits to shooting lens - Autumn Gold™ Transitions® Performance Sunwear sun lenses

by Transitions® Performance Sunwear on Monday, June 13, 2011 at 1:06pm

Check out the fantastic testimonial we received today from a pilot who has tried Autumn Gold™ Transitions® Performance Sunwear adaptive sun lenses.


mike"I heard about the yellow “shooting” lenses (Autumn Gold™ Transitions® Performance Sunwear) and thought they would work well for my line of business. I am an aerial applicator (aka: crop duster) in southern Louisiana and use an R-22 or R-44 helicopter to spray Sugar Cane. There are many obstacles and hazards involved. We fly very fast and low, in the "dead mans" zone.  It’s very important that we are able to see the branches, hidden power lines and other hazards.  I tried the yellow lenses and it made everything very crisp and clear, I was able to see what I needed to see with no problem. I now don’t fly without them.  Even with pleasure flying, we flew over the marsh, at tree top level, I wore the glasses and was able to see everything very crisp and clear.  Sometimes flying at tree top level there are some branches that stick out much farther than the rest and are hard to see and the lenses made them clear and visible to see.  They get dark in the helicopter, but the clarity stays the same. The lenses, in a sense, bring out darker small objects that you wouldn't see with the naked eye.  The current set of "test" lenses that I am using are a straight type lens that are directly in front of my eyes.  I will in the future invest in a pair that wrap around and curve t the sides of my eyes and have thin flexible arms so that they are comfortable underneath the headset."


Mike Satterfield

A&P, IA, Pilot, Aerial Applicator


Durable & Versatile


Aris™ Autumn Gold™ Transitions® Performance Sunwear lenses are made of Trivex® material and are the material of choice for premium sunwear. They are thin, light, superb optical clarity and meet all ANZI safety impact requirements for all eyewear.


In Glass, the Autumn Gold™ color will not peel or scratch because it is not a coating. The scratch resistant photochromic glass is a borosilicate composition containing light sensitive, fatigue-proof silver halide micro crystals. The lenses may be anti-reflection or color coated, although the photochromic performance of the lens may diminish by a few percent. They should be tempered, tested and processed like Corning's Photobrown Extra® lenses.


Individually Prescribed


Aris™ Autumn Gold™ Transitions® Performance Sunwear lenses are available for single vision prescriptions of -9.00 to +6.50. Digital progressive lenses may also be available.


Trivex Material Properties:
Density: 1.11 gms/cc, which is the lightest lens material currently available.
Refractive Index is 1.53; Abbe Value of 45;
Block 100% of UV light and 81% of blue light.
Darkened transmittance is 30% in bright sun


Glass Autumn Gold™ lenses are available for every individual in Finished-Plano, semi-finished Single Vision, Freedom ID™ Progressive, Flat-tops, Round Segs and Trifocals of all sizes.


Glass Properties:
Corning Photobrown Extra® with Autumn Gold™ treatment.
Density: 2.41 gms/cc, which is 5% lighter than white crown glass.
Refractive Index is 1.523; Abbe Value of 57.0; When darkened blocks 85% of blue light.
Darkened transmittance 25% in bright sun for the non-polarized lens.



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