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manNot every one sees things the same way— in fact, most people’s visual activities differ widely because of varied hobbies, occupations and environments.


X-Cel Optical Company advocates the use of different lens styles and materials to accommodate those varied activities encountered daily by the individual eyeglass wearer. However, practically speaking, most people wear a primary pair of glasses most of the time. Freedom ID™ was designed with this in mind—to be the best primary pair of progressive lenses available for every individual.

ID stands for integrated design. Freedom ID™ combines improved visual acuity with improved fit, easy adaptation, and the benefits of several different lens materials to bring visual freedom to the wearers as they move through the different activities of their lives. And, the overall design of Freedom ID™ and its availability in a wide variety of lens materials meets this objective.


Who Benefits?


man2Typical presbyopes whose horizontal eye movements exceed vertical movements in common visual tasks such as driving, computer use, TV viewing, active recreational activities or hobbies.

Those who desire “high utility” of the reading area (visual acuity at 17–18mm) with the lowest unwanted astigmatic presence in both near and distance viewing areas. Perfect for reading, artistry, desk or office work and avocations of all kinds.


Eyeglass wearers who depend on their lens material to provide applied-benefits like impact and UV protection, flexibility, comfort, scratch resistance, sun and glare blocking—lens materials that meet most lifestyle and comfort needs of today’s active progressive lens wearers. Discerning eye care practitioners who demand the latest progressive technology for their patients—those whose patients are happy at work and at play with the great vision provided by their Freedom ID™ progressive lenses.


Freedom ID™ Features


17mm Fitting Height
A great choice for contemporary frames— large or small

* More comfortable vision while engaged in the majority of visual activities


Wide Viewing Zones
Wide cross section of clear vision at the fitting point

* Wider viewing angles for comfortable distance viewing
* High visual utility area for distance viewing
* Early patient acceptance and adaptability


Multiple designs for base curve and add power

* Separate right/left configuration
* Design varied by base curve for better Rx match
* Varied by add power to better match wearer’s need


Flatter Curves

* Improved lens cosmetics
* Better fit into most frames


Midsize Corridor
Deeper cross section at near vision

* Uniform corridor width
* Easier transition from distance to near vision

Wide cross section of clear vision at near

* Wider viewing angles at near
* Larger, more comfortable reading area
* High visual utility for reading and near tasks


Multiple Materials

* Patients can be fit with the lens material that is most suited to their most common activities at work and play
* Or, they can select the same lens design in more than one lens material


Easy Adaptation
* Low unwanted astigmatism
* Soft forgiving design



Lens Materials


Aris™ Trivex™—provides high abbe, high impact resistance, durability and light weight, offering clearer vision, eye protection, and comfortable wear, and is especially suitable for drill mount or rimless frame mountings. Transitions® Lenses—provide comfortable vision and UV protection indoors or outdoors.

Polarized—provides the best glare protection and visual comfort in bright or reflective light environments. Glass—provides superior scratch resistance, optimal visual acuity, in a wide range of clear, photochromic.


17 material/color choices to choose from


Hard Resin 1.50 clear and Transitions® Gray
Aris™ Trivex® clear and Transitions® Gray, XTRActive™, Vantage™
Glass clear, PGX®, PBX®, Thin & Dark™ Gray and Autumn Gold™
Polarized Hard Resin Gray C and Brown C
Polarized Polycarbonate Gray C and Brown C
Polarized Glass Gray C, Brown C


Wearer’s View™ Technology


Starting with the concept that Freedom ID™ lenses will be worn by the patient while engaged in a wide variety of visual activities, extensive research and measurements were made with the latest ray tracking technology. Wearer’s View™ imitates normal use of the human eye in different situations. With this in mind, field of view, angular relationships, vertex distance and pantoscopic tilt are all components of the design. Also considered are lens parameters like index and thickness. Consequently, the FreedomID lens was designed to provide wide viewing zones in both distance and near and minimum unwanted astigmatism.


Achieving Success


It Starts in Reception
The first step in selecting a FreedomID candidate should be to obtain lifestyle information. This can easily be done with the Visual Assessment Form. This form should be handed out in reception as a prerequisite of the exam. It aids the doctor and dispenser in recognizing the specific needs of the patient. It prompts the patient to talk about how, when, and where they need the best vision their eyeglasses can provide.


It Continues in the Exam

* Assess patients’ medical, visual, and lifestyle needs.
* Provide specific recommendations for lenses.
* Make recommendations, but explain that dispensary staff will provide further education.


It Concludes in the Dispensary

* Keep explanations simple. Be positive by describing what new lenses will do for the patient. Create positive expectations.
* Be prepared to work off of the Visual Assessment Form and the doctor’s recommendation, and demonstrate FreedomID as the best choice.
* Have a plan. Tell a story. Keep testimonials in mind. Keep and use good professional samples.


Fitting—No Changes Needed


glasses* Adjust the new frame or replica trial frame.
* Measure and record patient’s monocular PD with a pupilometer and fitting height with Y-Stick2.
* While wearing the new frame, ask the patient to demonstrate head (line of sight) positions when engaged in work or recreational visual tasks. Observe the head posture of the patient.
* Take the fitting height measurements and modify according to your observations.
* Check the lens cutout using the template.


FreedomID FAQ's


What are the primary features?
Designed by special technology, that imitates the wearer’s view
Wide distance vision zone, compared to other popular brands
Soft design lens
Flatter base curves for nicer looking lenses
17mm fitting height, suitable for fashionable frames
Available in several lifestyle materials


What does it do for doctors and dispensers?

High rate of fitting success—pleased patients and referrals!


What does it do for the wearer?

A better fit for more patients, the majority of the time
Wide distance vision for work and play
Allows use of fashionable frames

How is it measured?

Wearer’s View™ analysis software
Class by Rotlex (surface analyzer)


What does it do for doctors and dispensers?


Top Competing Brands FreedomID A B C D
Dist. vision Cyl. width area (up to 0.5D), mm 10.8 10.8 10.0 9.0 9.8
Near vision Cyl. width area (up to 1.0D), mm 12.2 10.5 12.5 14.0 12.0
Full add-power achieved from fitting cross, mm 15.4 16.1 17.0 15.3 16.5
85% add-power achieved from fitting cross, mm 12.1 12.5 11.8 11.7 11.9
Max. unwanted astigmatism, Diopters 2.17 2.25 2.41 2.14 2.15
Channel width (up to 1.0D), mm 6.7 6.5 7.1 6.7 7.1

*Compared with most commonly dispensed lenses, plano power, +2.00 add.


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