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Why Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green?

Q: How is it different/better?
A: Introducing Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green, the latest and most balanced photochromic lens developed jointly by Essilor and Transitions® Optical. Transitions® Signature™ brings the benefits of more natural vision and truer color perception with excellent clarity to photochromic lenses using two patented technologies – Chromatic adaptation technology and Chromea7™ technology.


Q: What is Chromatic Adaptation Technology?
It is a patented method (algorithm) to evaluate tinted and photochromic lenses. Test results prove that this particular shade of green in Transitions® Signature™ VII provides a more natural perception of color when compared to other traditional tinted lenses.
graphite green provides an almost perfect color perception through adaptive lenses.



Introduce a new generation of patients to Transitions® Signature™ VII Lenses



Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green lenses give patients superior, more natural vision without compromise.


While traditional tinted lenses distort color, Transitions® Signature™ VII graphite green lenses represent color very accurately, nearly as well as a perfectly clear lens.


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A True Molecular Breakthrough



A breakthrough 8-dye molecular technology, which enables Transitions® Signature™ VII lenses to be more reactive to indirect light and more responsive in higher temperatures.


This new color also benefits from Chromea 7 technology, an exclusive dye formulation that allows the lenses to be more responsive in more lighting conditions across all temperatures. As a result, they are more reactive to indirect sunlight and more reactive to get darker on hot days.


This exclusive, patented formulation consists of unique dyes that are integrated into the surface of the lens. The dyes are made up of molecules that constantly and smoothly recalibrate as the light around you changes. They darken and lighten to just the right degree so the optimal amount of light reaches your eyes.




More reactive to indirect light


Chromea7™ technology was designed to be even more reactive to indirect light. Indirect light can come from many sources such as light bouncing off buildings, cars, or other surfaces or light filtering through trees or clouds. The lenses can sense this light, even when you're facing away from it, and adjust to the appropriate shade for your situation.



More responsive in hotter climates


Temperature influences the molecules in photochromic lenses; they don't get as dark in hot climates as they would in colder weather because of how heat interacts with the molecules. The molecules in Chromea7™ technology were structured to be more independent of temperature, which means they get darker in hotter climates.







Neutral color for
most natural vision


Now Available In:

graphite green - NEW!

More Natural Vision and
enhanced contrast



Most contrast and
enhanced colors


Graphite green is the latest addition to Transitions® Signature™ VII family of products.
Graphite green – More natural color perception and enhanced contrast.