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The Benefits of Transitions® Lenses tom


Transitions® lenses give eyeglass wearers more value with adaptive lenses designed to provide superior comfort, convenience and protection when compared to ordinary eyewear.


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Performance: To keep up with an active outdoor lifestyle, Transitions® Performance Sunwear Lenses are offered in a range of solutions to meet your needs. Don’t limit yourself with one-tint-fits-all sunwear!


Comfort: Transitions® lenses work harder than ordinary eyewear by automatically regulating the light reaching your eyes, helping you squint less while reducing fatigue and eye strain.



Convenience: Find more peace of mind with eyewear that does more. Transitions lenses make life easier with solutions that always protect your eyes.


Protection: You only have one pair of eyes – so protecting them is important. Transitions® lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays to reduce the risk of the sun damaging your eyes.





How Transitions® Lenses Work For You


Adaptive: Using intuitive, photochromic technology, Transitions® lenses activate in the presence of natural light. Our everyday lenses are designed to be worn indoors but darken automatically when you step outside on a bright day.


Protection from UV Rays: Just like your skin, your eyes need protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Transitions® lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays, helping to decrease the risk of eye damage.


Relief from Eye Fatigue: Your eyes are working all day, attempting to adjust to varying light conditions. Transitions® lenses make it easier by adapting to regulate the amount of light that reaches your eye.


Reducing Glare: On a sunny day, Transitions® lenses adapt to the amount of natural light so you don’t have to. Improve your vision and help reduce glare with rapidly-changing Transitions® lenses.



Original Transitions® Lenses


  • Change from clear indoors to dark outdoors
  • Clear as an ordinary clear lens indoors and at night
  • Block 100% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Available in gray or brown
  • Widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from
  • Original Transitions® lenses Demo




Transitions® XTRActive™ Lenses


  • Our darkest everyday lenses ever, even in hot temperatures
  • Darken inside a car
  • Optimize vision, enhance eye comfort, and reduce glare
  • Comfortable slight indoor tint
  • Specifically designed to work with most




Transitions® Vantage™ Lenses


  • The world's first and only everyday lenses that are virtually clear indoors and darken and polarize outdoors
  • Noticeably crisper, sharper vision
  • Richer, vibrant and more vivid colors
  • Glass and water look more transparent outdoors
  • Glare is reduced to provide more comfort, even in the brightest
  • Blocks 100% of the sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays




Transitions® Performance Sunwear Lenses


  • Sun lenses that adjust from dark to darker depending on the sun
  • Offers a variety of colors and tint ranges by outdoor need
  • Multiple unique product offerings designed for specific outdoor
  • Blocks 100% of sun's harmful UVA & UVB rays
  • Compatible with many frame brands and styles to create custom look
  • Available in prescription and non-prescription
  • Transitions® Performance Sunwear lenses Demo

Original Transitions® Lenses


Original Transitions® lenses are designed to meet the needs of the majority of those who appreciate the value of eyewear offering adaptive lens technology. With the widest variety of lens designs and materials to choose from, original Transitions® lenses quickly adapt between indoor and outdoor conditions, offering a distinct advantage over ordinary clear lenses.



Transitions® XTRActive™ Lenses


Transitions® XTRActive™ lenses are our darkest everyday lenses ever – quickly adjusting to the darkness of traditional sunglasses in full sun. They continuously adapt to changing light in all conditions – and by sensing and adjusting to visible light as well as UV light, they're our first everyday lenses turning dark inside a car.


Transitions® Performance Sunwear Products


Transitions® performance sun lenses are high-performance sunwear specifically designed for outdoor use. Traditional sunwear remains the same level of darkness regardless of the level of sunlight. This is why in certain situations some sunglasses can seem too dark, while other situations the same pair may not seem dark enough. Transitions performance sun lenses self-adjust, changing the level of darkness with the changing amount of sunlight so you can see better, look great and perform at your best.


Transitions® Vantage™ Lenses


They darken. They polarize. They are your everyday lenses, reimagined. There are clear lenses that can darken. There are sunglasses that are polarized. But never before have everyday eyeglass lenses been able to both darken and polarize in bright, outdoor light. Until now. We took the traditional Transitions® lenses you know and love and added variable polarization - polarization that increases as the lenses get darker. And that means your vision gets crisper and sharper. Color contrast and perception becomes richer, vibrant and more vivid. All this, even in the brightest outdoor glare.


Diversity of Products


Transitions® 1.50 RX Range Adds
SFSV, spherical (gray/brown/XTRActive/Vantage) -9.00 - +7.00  
Freedom ID™ (gray) -7.00 - +5.00 100 - 300
FT28 (gray/brown/XTRActive ) -9.00 - +5.00 100 - 300
FT28 (gray/brown/XTRActive) -4.00 - +4.25 075, 325 - 500
FT28 (gray) +4.50 - +7.00 100 - 300
FT35 (gray/brown) -4.00 - +4.25 075- 400
FT35 (gray) -7.00 - -4.25 100 - 300
RD24 (gray/brown) -4.00 - +4.25 075 - 400
7x28 (gray/brown/XTRActive) -4.00 - +4.25 150 - 400
7x28 (gray/brown) -7.00 - -4.25 150 - 300
7x28 (gray) +4.50 - +7.00 175 - 300
8x35 (gray/brown) -4.00 - +4.25 150 - 400
8x35 (gray) -7.00 - -4.25 150 - 300


Transitions® Aris™ Trivex RX Range Adds
FSV (hard coated, AR coated, gray) Plano to -6.00 to -2.00 cyl  
SFSV, spherical (gray/brown/XTRActive/Vantage/graphite green) -9.00 - +6.50  
SFSV, Aspheric (gray/brown) -10.00 - +8.50  
Freedom ID™ (gray/Vantage) -4.50 - +4.50 100 - 300
FT28 (gray/brown) -8.00 - +5.50 100 - 400
FT35 (gray) -8.00 - +5.50 100 - 400
RD24 (gray) -8.00 - +5.50 100 - 350
7x28 (gray,brown) -8.00 - +5.50 150 - 350
8x35 (gray) -8.00 - +5.50 150 - 300
Occupational Double D28 (gray) -4.50 - +2.50 100 -300


Transitions® High-X 1.55 RX Range Adds
SFSV, spherical (gray) -11.00 - +9.00  
D28 (gray) -4.25 - +5.00 100 - 400
D28 (gray) -11.00 - +9.00 100 - 350
D35 (gray) -4.25 - +5.00 100 - 400
D35 (gray) -11.00 - -4.50 100 - 350
7x28 (gray) -4.25 - +5.00 150 - 400
7x28 (gray) -11.00 - +9.00 175 - 350
8x35 (gray) -7.00 - +5.00 150 - 300






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